This help center supports the Legacy platform Dudamobile. As of April 1st, 2019 new sites cannot be created, existing sites will remain live with the same functionality and editor access.

Email support and phone support (for Duda customers on Team plans and above) will be available until September 30th, 2019. Self service customer support will remain.

It’s a Great Time to Go Responsive! - Responsive design is the best way to create engaging online experiences on today’s web. With that in mind, we encourage you to take this as an opportunity to replace your old desktop-only websites and their mobile friendly counterparts with new responsive sites that will work seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Color Style


Choose the global color palette for your mobile website.  Individual colors can be changed by clicking customize.

Color Palettes

Color Palettes are automatically generated using colors from your site, or using standard color combinations.  Choose the palette which most closely matches your site.

Customizing Palettes

1. Click the Customize button to bring up the Customize Color Palette window.

The Customize Color Palette window allows you to change all eight of the colors in the template: Header Background, Site Background, Text on light background, Text on dark background, Navigation, Navigation label (text on the navigation buttons), Links, and Widget button colors.

2. Click on a color to open the color picker. The color picker will have a number of colors to choose from under the title Site's Colors, a selection of recently used colors, an Opacity meter which you can use to set how transparent an element's color is, and finally a More Colors color wheel link.

The More Colors option allows you to pick any color in the spectrum or input RGB or HEX codes.

When you are satisfied with your color, click Done. Continue this process until the Color Palette you desire has been achieved then hit the orange Done button in the bottom right.

Choosing a Site Background Image

To use an image instead of a solid color for the background of the site you can click the Choose button under the Site Background Image heading. Click herefor more information on selecting a background image.

Customizing Text Styles

The buttons at the bottom of the page allow for further customization of text, links, buttons and heading elements. 



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