This help center supports the Legacy platform Dudamobile. As of April 1st, 2019 new sites cannot be created, existing sites will remain live with the same functionality and editor access.

Email support and phone support (for Duda customers on Team plans and above) will be available until September 30th, 2019. Self service customer support will remain.

It’s a Great Time to Go Responsive! - Responsive design is the best way to create engaging online experiences on today’s web. With that in mind, we encourage you to take this as an opportunity to replace your old desktop-only websites and their mobile friendly counterparts with new responsive sites that will work seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

DudaMobile on other platforms


DudaMobile has partnered with other platforms in order to provide easy access to creating a mobile website for all users. If you have a mobile site with one of our partners, you can read below here for more information on how to access your mobile site.

DudaMobile with Homestead

You can access your Homestead site either on their platform or by logging into your Duda dashboard. Your Duda login will be the same as the username and password that you created on Homestead.

If you forgot your password, use the forgot my password feature to get access back so that you can access your site.

Managing billing for your site

While Homestead mobile sites are hosted on our platform, the billing for these sites is managed through Homestead. To manage billing for any site created through Homestead, please do through your Homestead account.

DudaMobile with Yahoo / Aabaco

If you've created your DudaMobile site through a Yahoo! Small Business account, it's necessary to edit it through the Yahoo! small business account. Your Yahoo! site is not accessible through our own Duda platform.

How to access your Yahoo site

Yahoo! has a guide to accessing these sites here. As Yahoo's site builder name might have changed, you can also see here to see if you can access it on their Luminate platform.

If this guide does not work for you, it's recommend to contact Yahoo! to determine why their guide is out of date.

Managing your billing for Yahoo mobile sites

Duda does not handle billing information for Yahoo sites, nor do we have access to the sites themselves. We only provide the platform and software for their users to create those sites.

If you need to cancel your payment for a Yahoo mobile site, please contact Yahoo's customer support/billing department for more information.

DudaMobile with GoDaddy


On the month of December 2015, Duda sent an email with instructions and a coupon code to all GoDaddy mobile users. If you did not receive this email, please see below;

Important information: Your mobile website service will be discontinued.

Your website has a mobile-optimized version powered by DudaMobile. However, we discontinued support for this feature on June 15, 2014, and are removing it from your site in the coming weeks.

If you'd like to continue providing a mobile-friendly version of your site through DudaMobile, you can purchase another at

You can compare the plans and prices for our sites here -

If you're looking for a complete multi-screen solution which creates one website for desktop, tablet, and mobile we have just the solution for you, it's called DudaOne.

Some advantages of DudaOne:

- DudaOne provides you with a single site that works on desktop, tablet and mobile.

- Everything you need to manage your new website is now available in one place.

- It is based on the responsive design methodology, which ensures that the website layout and its content automatically adapt to the size of the screen it is viewed on.

- You have the ability to hide content from specific devices and edit the user experience on each type of device.

- Your DudaOne site will live under one single domain (e.g. Duda automatically presents the correct website layout for the device it is being viewed on.

Thank you,

DudaMobile with Webs

NOTE: Discontinued

If your DudaMobile site was previously built in Webs, unfortunately, our service with them has been discontinued.

Alternatives to creating a mobile site

If you're looking for a complete multi-screen solution which creates one website for desktop, tablet, and mobile we have just the solution for you, it's called Duda's responsive website builder. You can read more about it here.

DudaMobile with OpenTable

If your site was created through OpenTable, you can access it to edit by:

  • Logging in to your OpenTable account at
  • Click 'marketing'.
  • Click 'mobile'.
  • Click 'claim my mobile site' -> 'mobile' -> 'claim my mobile site'.

If you are still unable to access it, please contact OpenTable support.

DudaMobile with other providers

If your site was built on another platform other than the other options you see in this support article, please contact the provider of your mobile website so they can provide you login instructions to access your site.




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