This help center supports the Legacy platform Dudamobile. As of April 1st, 2019 new sites cannot be created, existing sites will remain live with the same functionality and editor access.

Email support and phone support (for Duda customers on Team plans and above) will be available until September 30th, 2019. Self service customer support will remain.

It’s a Great Time to Go Responsive! - Responsive design is the best way to create engaging online experiences on today’s web. With that in mind, we encourage you to take this as an opportunity to replace your old desktop-only websites and their mobile friendly counterparts with new responsive sites that will work seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Common issues and how to fix them

The editor is very slow for me

There may be an issue with your computer's hardware

If you're having an issue where your computer is not able to handle the editor even on a supported browser, the issue may be due to your computer's specs.

It's recommended that you have:

  • At least 4gb ram
  • Running on newest version of OSX or Windows
  • A modern processor with a benchmark of 1200
  • Running on either Chrome or Firefox browser

Try using another machine to see if the issue persists.

I'm getting a message asking me to "please refresh"

This issue most commonly happens when;

  • There are more than 1 person editing the same site at the same time
  • You've been logged into the editor for too long
  • There were changes that were made, requiring you to log out and log back in

Besides this, it may also cause issues such as your changes not saving or other discrepancies.

To fix this issue, simply log out, clear your cache and log back in. It should fix this issue.

If that doesn't work, please consider using another browser (such as Chrome or Firefox).

My changes aren't saving

If your changes aren't saving as you edit your site, you should try these two things.

First, you should try clearing your cache to see if it resolves this issue.

Second, you should try using the syncing flow outlined in our article to commit changes to the editor.

I'm unable to remove a certain style on an element

Some elements have styles that can't be removed. This may be due to either the element having been imported in with that style or a feature of the editor.

If you find a certain style that can't be removed, try to delete and recreate the element to see if it fixes this issue.

Resetting the site or page did not fix my issue

In the case where turning off auto sync or resetting the site did not get your site to display correctly, this often means that your site is simply incompatible with DudaMobile's syncing feature at this current time.

Instead of "creating a site from a URL", create a new site then click "start from scratch" to rebuild the site manually. The only difference between a site started from scratch and one started from a website is the syncing feature, so you will have to maintain the content on both sites separately.

In this case, we recommend you look into upgrading your site using our responsive website builder instead.

I'm looking for a feature not available on DudaMobile

At this moment, the feature you're looking for isn't available in the mobile version of our platform, we recommend you look into upgrading your site using our responsive website builder instead.

An element imported into the site isn't working

If you have content, elements, or code on your desktop site that wasn't imported in correctly, it means that we weren't able to import the code that makes up that element.

In order to get those types of elements working on your mobile site, it's recommended that you recreate the element using one of our various widgets. For example, you can create contact forms, restaurant menus, email us buttons and many more things by exploring what Duda has to offer.


As an alternative, you can also;

  • Recreate it using a similar widget in our content menu (recommended)
  • Recreate it using the HTML widget
  • Have that page go to the desktop page directly (do not mobilize this page), which will preserve the code on your desktop site
  • Hire a programmer to get this code working for you
  • Turn on the option to import Javascript from your site
  • Try turning off animated navigation which interferes with custom code

Try deleting and recreating the element

There are some times when there's an issue with an element that seems difficult to fix. This can either mean that the element isn't accepting any changes or is very difficult to modify. It might even mean that an element isn't working at all.

In situations like this, the best solution is to simply delete and recreate the element by using our editor's tools.

If that doesn't work, you can also try resetting a page to it's original design to see if it fixes the issue.

I'm seeing a "too many pages" error

This simply means that you have too many pages in your site. This can happen even if there aren't that many pages you see in the front end, mainly because Duda is always generating pages for you in the backend.

There is no impact of having too many pages at the moment. It may slow down the editor slightly, but otherwise there are no other known issues.

I can't link to a page in Duda

If you're unable to link to a page in Duda, a workaround would be to simply link directly to the page vs using the "page selector".




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