This help center supports the Legacy platform Dudamobile. As of April 1st, 2019 new sites cannot be created, existing sites will remain live with the same functionality and editor access.

Email support and phone support (for Duda customers on Team plans and above) will be available until September 30th, 2019. Self service customer support will remain.

It’s a Great Time to Go Responsive! - Responsive design is the best way to create engaging online experiences on today’s web. With that in mind, we encourage you to take this as an opportunity to replace your old desktop-only websites and their mobile friendly counterparts with new responsive sites that will work seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Common issues with going live


Often when getting your site live, there are usually a few reasons for why the site may not be working correctly. You can see below for a list of possible reasons for the site not being live and how to fix these issues.

Wordpress redirect not working?

If you're having some trouble with our 'Mobile Website for WordPress by DudaMobile' plugin, this is a common issue due to the variety of configurations that WordPress sites can have. In this case, we recommend disabling the plugin and adding the redirect script manually to your WordPress site.

See here for instructions on how to install the redirect script.

Try using an alternative redirect script

If one redirect script isn't working for you, try another to see if it fixes the issue, there are many listed in the Duda Mobile help center.

Is your mobile site provided through Homestead?

DudaMobile and Intuit Homestead have a partnership that makes the redirect process easier, in most cases. If you came to DudaMobile through your Intuit Homestead account, your mobile site redirect should automatically kick in about 2 hours after publish the mobile site, with no additional work on your end.

If it's not working after 8 hours OR you want to use a different DudaMobile site with your Homestead site, then see this article here.

Did you really install the redirect script into your site?

If you're using the manual redirect script, this is a great way to double check.

Is your site an HTTPS secured site?

If your site is HTTPS secured, then you will want to use the HTTPS redirect listed here.

Not seeing any redirection but desktop site isn't loading?

 This can be due to a couple of factors, such as;

  • There was a mistake in the desktop site's code, causing it to go down
  • There was a change in the domain's settings (a billing issue might also cause settings to change)
  • The CNAME record wasn't installed correctly

Please login to your domain host and see this article for going live.

Desktop site is not redirecting other pages

The redirect script must be installed on all pages in order for other pages to redirect. See our basic redirecting instructions here.

Desktop site is not redirecting tablets.

Unfortunately, DudaMobile does not redirect for devices with larger screen sizes, including tablets and some smart phones with large displays. Duda's mobile websites work on small screen devices like iPhones, but do not improve the browsing experience on larger devices like tablets.

If you're interested in providing a great tablet experience, we do have a new multi-screen website builder, that we can recommend called Duda's responsive builder. The responsive builder helps you build a single website that you can customize for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

For more information, see our Duda page here.

It's only redirecting on one page in my desktop

Your redirect script is used to send users from your desktop site to your mobile site. If, however, your redirect script is installed only on only your homepage, it will only redirect your homepage.

Please find a way to have your redirect script show up in all pages in your site, either by placing it in the header or by consulting your webmaster. Please see here for more information.

Not seeing any redirection and desktop site isn't loading

If you can't load your site on a desktop device (not mobile), then you will have to check either with your domain host or your webmaster to find out why our desktop site isn't loading correctly.

I need an IP address or @ record to go live

If you're trying to point your domain name to Duda using an IP address or @ record, unfortunately there isn't one we can reliably provide. The IP address is dynamic, which means it's always changing. Even if you were to get it using a WHOIS lookup, it would eventually change and cause your site to go down.

Instead, to point a domain name to your Duda site, what you need to do is set up a CNAME record in your DNS settings. See here

If your host doesn't allow you to set up a CNAME record for your site, please;

use the default domain that Duda provides instead or

consider moving to a new DNS host who has more features available.


I can't fix my issue no matter what I do

  • Your CNAME record isn't propagating even though it's been set up
  • Your redirect isn't working even though it's been installed correctly
  • Your site is redirecting even though you've uninstalled the redirect code
  • You want to uninstall but can't remove the CNAME record

If you are experiencing any of the above issues and was not able to solve it using the troubleshooter's steps, the problem is most likely on your host's side. It can either be some sort of setting that isn't set up correctly or even a billing issue that's disabled certain features on the host's configuration.

Contact your host in order to resolve this issue.

I'm having trouble redirecting a site built from scratch

If you've made your site from pages built from scratch, redirecting them will be a bit more difficult.

If you aren't absolutely attached to your current pages, we recommend restarting, selecting your navigation and adding pages from URL as appropriate, then customizing the generated pages to your liking.

If you absolutely must, though, you can redirect a site to pages from scratch by putting a different redirect script on each page you wish to redirect. To generate this script, for each page:

  • - Go to the mobile page you'd like to redirect **to**
  • - Get its URL
  • - Add this URL to the following redirect script replacing 'YOURMOBILEPAGEURL':

    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    DM_redirect("YOURMOBILEPAGEURL", true);
  • Add this script to the header of the desktop page you'd like to redirect **from**

If you cannot put a separate redirect script on each page of your desktop site, there is unfortunately no way to do this.

Try reinstalling your mobile redirect script

It's possible that your redirect script isn't correct. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your redirect script. Make sure to use the redirect script provided to you by the editor.

My site looks "tablet-ized" when viewing it on a mobile device

If visiting your desktop site in a mobile device you see that it doesn't look mobilized (looks more "tablet-ized"), the reason this is happening is because your domain is displaying your Duda site in an iframe.

Normally this is because the domain is set to redirect to the Duda site with masking during the "going live" process. Please go back to your DNS settings and ensure that your site is set to be redirected without masking and use a CNAME record instead.

My desktop site isn't redirecting to the mobile page I designed

If the issue you're having that the mobile home page is different from your desktop home page, it could be because your desktop homepage has a non-standard URL that Duda isn't picking up on.

To fix this, you can use page templates to create a URL rule that targets the desktop's home page.

Before you begin, please create a backup of your site before starting this process so that you can get back to your original version should anything go wrong.

To set your home page template;

  1. Go to the homepage, then click "SEO & page settings"
  2. Click Templates
  3. Set the page as a new template
  4. Set your template rules
  5. Hit done and finished!

For this, the URL rule I would add is `Matches Exact:` `YOUR_EXACT_DESKTOP_URL_HERE`. Make sure to use the desktop URL that you see when you visit your desktop site on a desktop device.

If this doesn't fix your issue, try adding the true redirect script instead.

You must contact your domain host to resolve an issue

...if you've followed all the troubleshooting steps, try to contact your domain host so they can help you either set up or uninstall your mobile site.



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